skatepark design build construction architectAt Freestyle, our designers work extremely closely with the builders. Once the construction drawings are complete, the designers communicate daily and meet regularly on site. This close relationship allows the skatepark:
  • To be built efficiently.
  • To be interpreted correctly from the drawings, as the designer intended and the client and users expected.
  • To develop in terms of design and build.
  • To be revised and tweaked with direction, should it be necessary.
Our design and build methodology goes beyond the actual skatepark layout and obstacles.  We pay great attention to details such as the direction of slab fall for water discharge or structural joint locations.  
Directing the water via slab falls can impact on the usability of the skatepark.  We painstakingly design the slabs to intricately fall to the appropriate outfall in a direction that will not hinder the user.  Having an uphill approach to a certain obstacle would render it an uncomfortable and in some cases unusable obstacle.  We take this into account and design the falls to suit the use of the park.
As a result of the experience, dedication and ability of our design and build team and with the methods and specifications that we have developed, Freestyle have produced some of the best skateparks in Europe.

skatepark design build construction architect
Completed Skatepark